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Nexus One Officially coming to Sprint, on all 4 major US carriers 


Sprint made it official and announced today that the Nexus One will indeed be on the Sprint network very "soon." That would make the Nexus One carried on all 4 major carriers here in the US of A!

It was first launched with T-Mobile with Verizon launching in Spring, now AT&T 3G friendly and Sprint coming soon too!


Verizon to offer the Nexus One through Google only

Looks like Verizon will indeed offer the CDMA version of Nexus One through only. Rumored to be released on the 23rd. 


Nexus One Training began for some Verizon Employees?

Though the article is a bit contradicting, BGR is reporting that Verizon Wireless may have already begun training some employees on the Nexus One. The Verizon Nexus One is rumored to be launched on March 23.


Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? 


Yesterday we reported that the CDMA Nexus One have passed the approval of the FCC. Today, we may have a probable release date for when the Nexus One hits Verizon. According to sources, the Verizon Nexus One will go on sale on March 23. It is reportedly to be announced at International CTIA wireless show by Verizon. Pricing is unknown at this point but it will be competitively priced according to NeoWin.


Verizon Nexus One (CDMA) Passes the FCC?


Verizon Nexus One, anyone? The FCC has approved a CDMA HTC smartphone, model name PB99300. We're not 100% sure but this looks like the Verizon Nexus One that's said to be out in Spring.

The T-Mobile GSM/HSPA Nexus One is the PB99100, so it's very likely that PB99300 is the CDMA Nexus One. When Google officially announced the Nexus One on T-Mobile, they also said that GSM folks will have the Verizon version of it in Spring of 2010. With this piece of information, looks like Google will stick to its scheduled release timeframe for the CDMA Nexus One.

The Verizon Nexus One will be sold via the, with probably the same pricing as the T-Mobile Nexus One.

[via UnWiredView, FCC]


Walmart to sell Nexus One on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T 3G?

If anything, this will boast Nexus One sales even more. Walmart has posted up a 'coming soon' page for the Nexus One, mysteriously featuring wireless bands for 3G on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Is Walmart hinting at a Nexus One that works on all three networks on 3G or it coming to every network in the US? Whatever the case may be, we'll keep you guys posted on this. 

It is also rumored that Walmart is going with a $99 price point. No information on launch date yet.

GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900
Voice Frequencies:
Data Technology:
850/1900 MHz, 1xRTT + 1xEvDO, integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth® 2.0
Data Frequencies:
Tri Band UMTS/HSDPA (850/1900/2100 MHz)

TechnologyGSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900Voice Frequencies850/900/1800/1900Data Technology850/1900 MHz, 1xRTT + 1xEvDO, integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth® 2.0
Data Frequencies:
Tri Band UMTS/HSDPA (850/1900/2100 MHz)

[Source Walmart Wireless]


Nexus One is official, taking orders now

The Google Nexus One has been officially announced at the Android Event that took place an hour ago. The Nexus One is Page also up, and ready to take orders.

Few highlights from the event:

  • Running Android 2.1
  • Sells for $529 unlocked and $179 on T-Mobile contract. 
  • Verizon Nexus One lands in Spring of 2010.
  • Vodafone Nexus One also landing in Spring of 2010.
  • Google is considering adding multitouch to the Nexus One.
  • Google is accepting orders from the  US, UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong as test markets, and more to come soon.