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Opera Mobile coming to Android 

At MWC 2010, the upcoming Opera Mobile was demoed on the Nexus One. It's packed with features on top of a really nice UI. You won't find the Opera Mobile on the Android market like their Opera Mini, but rather pre-installed on headsets. We don't have a release date for it yet.

[via TechCrunch]


Nexus One Early Termination Fee Slashed

After a recent FCC Inquiry, Google has slashed its early termination fee on the Nexus One from $350 to $150. and the $250 fee for existing T-Mobile customers upgrading to the phone was lowered to $50.  Way to go Google this is awesome news for all of us that have purchased the Nexus One.  The only catch is the $200 fee from T-Mobile for early termination is still applicable, but at least they are helping out the unhappy customers a little bit.


Nexus One: The Story - Episode 4: Manufacturing

Have you ever wondered how your indestructible Nexus One is made? No? Anyways, for the 4th "the Story" episode, we get a glimpse of the manufacturing process of the Nexus One. 


Nexus One Stress Test (Video)

Here's another episode of the "the story" nexus one promotional videos, this video features the Nexus One going through variety stress tests that stimulates 'life time' usage of the phone. All we  can say is Solid.


Nexus One software update brings multitouch


Awesome news, folks! The Nexus One got a new software update today that brings some pretty significant changes and improvements. One, update for Google Goggles and Google Maps. And the other, multitouch enabled in Browser, Gallery, and Maps! Lastly, the 3G issue fix that will improve the 3g conenctivity for some users is also packed in this OTA update. Google is hoping to send the update to all Nexus One Users by weeks end.

"In order to access the update, you will receive a message on your phone's notification bar. Just download the update, wait for it to install, and you should be all set. This update will be rolled out gradually to phones - and most users might not receive the notification until the end of the week. We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to your feedback."

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Nexus One coming to Sprint?

So in the past few days there have been quite a few rumors floating around that the Nexus One will be coming to Sprint in the near future.  The only thing we can ask our selves is if this is really a fact or just some sort of miscomunication?  Since the only leak of it was from an automated reply to Gizmodo via email from Sprint.  Just say it is not released as of yet.  I guess all you Sprint users out there will have to just wait and see what happens in the coming days and keep your fingers crossed that it comes out when the Verizon version hits shelves.


Nexus One On AT&T 3G Soon

Earlier today Engadget leaked a picture of a Nexus One (shown above) that has a FCC label stating it will be operating on the AT&T 3G band. This band is WCDMA I, II, and V meaning that for all the Canadians out there it will also work on Rogers, Bell, and Telus. The original FCC label ID number was 'NM899100' the new number is NM899110, with this number being only one digit off it will most likely be the same phone just with the updated 3G bands for AT&T, most of Europe, and Canada. ´╗┐Google announced this phone as a game changer to get rid of carrier restrictions and it seems like they are finally setting out to do just that, you go Google.


Nexus One Data Outage?


 All morning, it has been reported on both the T-Mobile and Google forums that some Nexus One users are experiencing a data outage. No one knows what's going on but we'll find out real soon. 

Is your Nexus One working fine?



Nexus One hits Colorware


Colorware has added the Nexus One to its list of customizable products. For a full color customization: You get a brand new customized Nexus One for $800. And if you already own a Nexus One, you can send in your own for $175.


Nexus One 3G Issue Patch in the next week or so

This morning a Google employee on the forums updated us on the Nexus One 3G Issue by saying that after some investigation, it was really the result of poor T-Mobile 3G coverage... However, they are looking to push out an OTA software update "in the next week or so" that could possibly improve the 3G coverage for some users.

[Google Forum]