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Google Double Confirms 'Nexus One' with its Internal Holiday Game

Some still argue that the Nexus One is just some kind of hoax done by Google's competitors even with all this info leaked on the web so for. Well that's no more. Google have set up a memory game for the holidays, 'a new twist on a classic game: "Memory". The game is viewable only to the people visiting this Link with a Nexus One, and if you're not on a Nexus One, you'll be redirected to the main page.

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Camera: Photos taken on Google's Nexus One Phone

"A quick search for "nexus one" on Google's Picasa photo service reveals several pictures taken with a camera pegged as the HTC Nexus One in the EXIF data."

Here's a couple photos shot on a Nexus One dug up by Engadget using Google's Picasa photo service. Note that the Nexus One sports a 5 MP cam with flash.

More Photos after the Break:

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