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3G AT&T Nexus One now Available, Rogers Wireless too


A version of the Google Nexus One that is ready for AT&T 3G and Roger Wireless in Canada is now available for purchase from the Google Phone hub. It's still unlocked for $529.


Nexus One on AT&T 3G later in the future?

Countless of AT&T subscribers were heartbroken when the news flooded in saying that the Nexus One in the US is only compatible on the T-Mobile 3G bands and only EDGE on AT&T. People were speculating that perhaps Google will release another version of the Nexus One that may work on AT&T 3G. Now being reported by BGR, there may or may not be a "second unlocked model" of the Nexus One that will be AT&T 3G-compatible. Of course take with a great deal of salt, since we have not seen such a device pass the FCC. And even if it exists, we doubt it would be launched in 3 days.