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Nexus One Release Date: As Early As January 5th?

According to Reuters, the Google Phone AKA Nexus One could be set to launch as early as January 5th of next year. Sold directly unlocked from Google and for a discounted price if you sign a contract with T-Mobile. Pricing wasn't mentioned in the report.

That's less then a month of waiting. As Mashable also noted, that sets the debut of the Nexus One right in the same week of this year' CES.

Nexus one Price: Readers, will you be getting one and for how much would you consider shelling out for it?

Update: It is now confirmed that Google is holding an Android Event on the 5th.


Google's Nexus One Unlocked Phone

No longer a rumor and pretty much confirmed now, Google will be directly selling their own phone, it will be built by the fine folks of HTC (No surprise) and the 'Nexus One' shall be its name. Sounds good to us.

Only tiny bits of details and tech spec has been revealed for this gorgeous phone. It was sent to Google employees recently for beta testing purposes. This puppy will be sold directly by Google unlocked, therefore you'll have to grab your own cellar service. The UI is designed in its entirety within Google, we'll see how that will go.

Here's the run down of everything we know about the Nexus One, so far:

  • It's the phone pictured (via Cory O'Brien) And looks a heck like the leaked HTC Passion, actually they look identical, only difference being the empty space that is before the HTC branding.
  • Built by HTC of course
  • Powered with Android 2.1 Software
  • Equipped with a super high resolution OLED Capacitive touch screen, scroll ball and it's thin like thinner than the iPhone, a Snapdragon CPU.
  • On-screen keyboard only.
  • 5 MP camera with flash.
  • Google will be selling the phone online, unlocked.
  • It looks Gorgeous 
  • Nexus One Release Date: Rumored January 5th of 2010.
  • Nexus One Price: $530 Unlocked, $180 With 2-Year T-Mobile Contract
  • The entire user interface is designed by Google and Google only.
  • The Nexus One was given to Google Employees worldwide for beta testing. This happened just recently.

Nexus One has also been dug up in BGR's visitor log.