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FCC: Nexus One Desktop Dock 

Mysterious Nexus One Desktop Dock passes the FCC.

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Nexus One: Full Spec Leaked, January 5th release for invites only?


Up until this morning, we've seen plenty of photos, a couple of videos, but details on Nexus One's spec was still scarce. Up until now. Engadget has gotten their paws on the full Nexus One spec and new details on the release date and how one would go about obtaining the device on that day. 

Apparently, the folks that will be able to purchase the Nexus One on January 5th would be "invite-only". We don't know how's thats gonna work, but all we know is that Google will be doing the inviting. In addition, it is said in the leaked memo that T-Mobile will also be selling the phone directly some point in the future.

Some of the highlights from the Full Spec:

  • 11.5mm thick
  • 1Ghz Snapdragon Processor
  • 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 4GB microSD in-box expandable to 32GB
  • 5 megapixel camera with mechanical AF and LED flash
  • Confirms to work on T-Mobile 3G and AT&T EDGE
  • 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display

Nexus One FULL Spec:

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Android 2.1 Preview on the Nexus One + Top View, Size Comparisons and more

This new video that just popped up on YouTube is no mere boot up, but a 5 minute long video -- featuring Android 2.1 walkthrough on the very Nexus One we dream of. Two words, Super snappy. What's more? The same person (from France) posted new pics of the Nexus One including, Top View (Headphone jack), Size and Camera Comparison with an iPhone + HTC Hero, back view and varies shots of Android 2.1 running on Nexus One.

Full Gallery Here

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Nexus One Unboxing

Nexus One Unboxing Photos + a Video graciously posted by @djrobrob

The QR Code on the back of the Nexus One (Most likely not on retail version of the phone), leads to that internal holiday game that we saw earlier.

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More Nexus One Sightings 


via @BillShepp Nexus One running Browser

via @NickStarr Nexus One with its Android branded pouch spotted at Starbucks


Twitter Giveaway: Win a Free Nexus One!

How would you like an Unlocked FREE Nexus One for 2010? Yeah, We know you do. Therefore, we at NexusOneBlog are launching a twitter giveaway, where 1 lucky winner/follower on Twitter will be getting a Free Nexus One Phone and possibly extra accessories for the new Phone! Shipping cost is on us as well. Read on for how you can enter to win and the Official Rules. 

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Hands-on with the Nexus One, new details emerged 

Eager for some new details on the Nexus One? Well, you're in luck -- cause tnkgrl had a chance to toy with the Nexus One, though she couldn't snap photos, on her blog, she reported some new findings on the Nexus One along with confirmations on a number of things.

The Nexus One comes standard with a 1400mAh battery, same as the Motorola Droid. And if we've learned anything from the Droid, it's that the battery life won't disappoint you.

The Screen is the same size/resolution as the Motorola Droid, which makes it 3.7-inch screen with 854×480.

As noted in our Nexus One FCC post, Nexus One works (for the US at least) on 3G T-Mobile and EGDE only on AT&T. And most importantly, "It’s definitely unlocked".

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Nexus One on Video: Post Will be Updated as new Videos are posted

Update: Looks like Google have taken notice of the leaked videos and have taken action against the guy. Either that or the poster thought it was too risky. Cause is down, all videos removed from the owner's youtube account and he stopped twitting from @thenexusone

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Google Files for Nexus One Trademark


Nexus One: Hardware Running List


Here's the hardware running list data mined by TheseAreTheDroids from the leaked Nexus One ROM that's been floating around the interwebs. Exciting stuff.

  • Proximity Sensor/Light Sensor: Capella CM3602 per in Nexus One ROM Dump.
  • Snapdragon Specific Libraries found.
  • Accelerometer: BMA150 3-axis Accelerometer per in Nexus One ROM Dump.
  • Magnetic Compass:  AK8973 3-axis Magnetic field sensor/AK8973 Orientation sensor per in Nexus One ROM Dump.
  • Wifi Radio / Bluetooth / FM: BCM4329 in lib/modules
  • Routing audio to Speakerphone with back mic
  • Stereo FM speaker
  • Audience A1026 Noise Canceling Chip – No link but here is the A1024 found in
  • Qualcomm QSD8K Specific hardware libs in lib/hw (QSD8250 Probably)
  • Adreno 200 Graphics Core with OpenGLES 2.0 – Part of Snapdragon?
  • Camera Info Vague, found some references to auto focus, flash, white balance and anti-banding