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Nexus One Pricing for Existing T-Mobile Customers 

So here's the deal, the Nexus One sells for $529 unlocked, $179 for eligible new customers signing a 2-year contract with T-Mobile. And as for existing subscribers upgrading to the Nexus One (Google/T-Mobile says no to Family Plan), they will be able to get it at a discounted price: 

  • $279 - Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers who are adding data plan.
  • $379 - Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing T-Mobile customers who are upgrading their data plans.

The Google Phone Store will automatically check if you're eligible for the discounted price.

Here's some math for you (Thanks, Russell):

$279 + $80/month x 24 months = $2199
$379 + $80/month x 24 months = $2299
Unlocked - $529 + $60/month x 24 months = $1969

Tell us in the comments if you have info we can add to the post.


Nexus One is official, taking orders now

The Google Nexus One has been officially announced at the Android Event that took place an hour ago. The Nexus One is Page also up, and ready to take orders.

Few highlights from the event:

  • Running Android 2.1
  • Sells for $529 unlocked and $179 on T-Mobile contract. 
  • Verizon Nexus One lands in Spring of 2010.
  • Vodafone Nexus One also landing in Spring of 2010.
  • Google is considering adding multitouch to the Nexus One.
  • Google is accepting orders from the  US, UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong as test markets, and more to come soon.

Google Nexus One Support Page, Phone set up

The above snapshot is the Google Nexus One Support Page that will go up live tomorrow, officially. It was posted for a mere few minutes then pulled from the site again.

[via engadget]


Nexus One Review


It’s been the talk of the internet for weeks on end, and the day is almost here…or so every phone geek wishes. Google just invited a group of reporters to an “Android Press Gathering” on January 5th, and the word on the street is that they’ll be unveiling what I would like to call “The Messiah”. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The  official street name is The Nexus One.

Rumors started running wild as soon as Google decided to hand out the sexy phone to their employees. As soon as the news hit the blogs, Google tried to get in front of the rumors by stating that they were simply testing new mobile technologies. 

“We recently came up with the concept of a mobile lab, which is a phone that combines innovative hardware from a partner with software that runs on Android to experiment with new mobile features and capabilities, and we shared this phone with Google employees across the globe,” Mario Queiroz, vice president of product management wrote on Dec. 12. Really Mario? 

I was one of thousands and possibly millions of individuals searching the web to find what this phone looked like, and then we all ran into it’s first unofficial picture. At a glance, I wasn’t really that satisfied. It looked simple….plain…..bland. What made me excited though, was the rumors of it’s speed and new firmware. 

I spent weeks on end drooling over the anticipation of getting my grubby little finger tips on the phone, and my day came early. Oh yes, I was a good boy this year and Santa were nice enough to drop a late X-Mas gift under my malnourished tree.

Ladies and Gentleman, say hello to the Nexus One. 

Full Gallery of the Review

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Nexus One on AT&T 3G later in the future?

Countless of AT&T subscribers were heartbroken when the news flooded in saying that the Nexus One in the US is only compatible on the T-Mobile 3G bands and only EDGE on AT&T. People were speculating that perhaps Google will release another version of the Nexus One that may work on AT&T 3G. Now being reported by BGR, there may or may not be a "second unlocked model" of the Nexus One that will be AT&T 3G-compatible. Of course take with a great deal of salt, since we have not seen such a device pass the FCC. And even if it exists, we doubt it would be launched in 3 days.


Nexus One Desktop Dock and Car Dock


If the leaked pricing plan is indeed the real thing then we'll be seeing two docking station for our soon-to-have Nexus One. Though the existence of the Docking accessories has been hinted early on, with the gold contacts at the bottom of the Nexus One spotted by tnkgrl and the FCC fillings by HTC. The Nexus One Desktop Docking Station will be priced at $40 and the Car Docking Station will run you $50. 

According to the leaked pricing plans, the desktop dock will offer "backing up you data" while charging and streaming music. Could this be a native backup solution for Android? We'll surely know comes Jan 5th.


10 minutes of Hi-Res Nexus One Preview 

Remember the person that leaked the blurry Android 2.1 walk-through on the Nexus One video along with the iPhone comparison shots? Well, he is back with more video and photos, but this time around -- some high-res shots and a high-res video of the Nexus One doing varies tasks like: watching a video, web browsing, Camera App, Google Maps, Qualcomm's Neocore app for 3D Benchmark testing. Needless to say, the Nexus One is speedy and sexy.

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Nexus One Review in Video


Finally, a less blurry video of the Nexus One. Embedded below is a quick review of the Nexus One in Video + Extras. Though nothing new was shown, it's worth to look at.

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Nexus One Price: $530 Unlocked, $180 With T-Mobile Contract?


Gizmodo was tipped with several screen shots of what appears to be the official Nexus One landing page and pricing for the phone. You're given two options to get the Nexus One upon release: Sold directly from Google. Unlocked and unsubsidized for $530. Or $180 if you're eligible and sign a 2-year contract with T-Mobile. In addition, here are some new details copied from Gizmodo:

• If you want it subsidized, you'll have to sign up for a 2 year mandatory contract
• There's only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web for $79.99 total
• Existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line
• If that doesn't fly with you, you have to buy the $530 unlocked version—this actually might save you money over two years if you already have a cheap plan
• Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530
• You can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google account
• There is language in the agreement of shipping outside the US
• Google will sell it at, which explains what they were doing with that page a few weeks ago
• Google will still call it the Nexus One apparently, and not the Google Phone

And here is a big one:
• If you cancel your plan before 120 days, you have to pay the subsidy difference between what you paid and the unsubsidized price, so $350 in this case. Or you can return the phone to Google. You also authorize them to charge this directly to your credit card.

UPDATE: Engadget got the full terms of sale.

[via Gizmodo]


Google's Nexus One Event going down on January 5th


Oh would you look at this. Google has booked an 'Android Press Gather/Event" on the 5th of January. Why isn't that the rumored release date for the Nexus One? Oh yes, it is.

"With the launch of the first Android-powered device just over a year ago, we've seen how a powerful, open platform can spur mobile product innovation. And this is just the beginning of what's possible.

Please join us in Mountain View on January 5, for an Android press gathering."