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Nexus One Upgrade Price now at $279, Some Early Upgraders gets $100 back


Looks like Google has taken notice of the pile of complaints about ridiculous Nexus One upgrade price for loyal T-Mobile subscribers. Starting today, $379 price point is out the upgraders window and $279 will be the price all eligible upgraders pay to get the Nexus One. And for the early upgraders that purchased the phone at $379, they will be issued a $100 refund in 14 business days back to their Google Checkout account. 

The phone still goes for $529 Unlocked and $179 for new T-Mobile subs.



YouTube Star tells you Why you need a Nexus One

If Youtube Partners are indeed getting a Free Nexus One, then NigaHiga, the most subscribed YouTuber must have one.

Today, he did a sponsored post for Google's Nexus One, which in it he tells you why you need a Nexus One in a very humorous way. He then accidentally drops the phone and cracks its screen during filming the video. Funny stuff!


Nexus One: Call Quality with Audience A1026 Voice Processor


Why does Nexus One deliver such great call quality? Well, it's all thanks to Audience's Third Generation 'A1026 voice processor', which utilizes two mics to "uniquely identify the primary voice in conversation and eliminate surrounding noise." Besides the Nexus One, it will come to other mobile handsets this year.

The Audience A1026 Voice Processor boasts features like:

  • Powerful Processing: the A1026 chip includes a low-power, high-performance custom Digital Signal Processor (DSP) core that delivers industry-leading stationary and non-stationary noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), and Programmable Voice Equalization (VEQ) algorithms.
  • Easy Integration: the A1026 voice processor is provided in a highly compact 2.7mm x 3.5mm, 40-pin WLCSP (0.5mm pitch) package that can fit any handset style or design and easily integrates into existing mobile phone architectures. It also provides an auto-calibration feature eliminating the need to make per-unit adjustments on the production line.
  • Energy-Efficiency: the A1026 voice processor delivers approximately 30% power reduction from previous generation products in standard talk mode.
  • Performance Advancements: the new A1026 processor includes customizable voice quality tuning capabilities, a Post-Equalization Filter that allows handset manufacturers to manage frequency response, and a Multi-band Compander (MBC) to improve audio quality and reduce distortion for end-users when receiving communication, or using the phone's speaker phone function.

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YouTube Partners gets Free Nexus One?

If you want a chance to win a Free Nexus One be sure to enter our contest. But apparently another way to get one is by being a popular YouTube Partner? According to one of the YouTube Partners, Val’s Art Diary -- she got a Free Nexus One along with a note saying:

Dear YouTube Partners,
We’re pleased to present you with this gift of a Nexus One phone, the new 
Google-branded mobile device sold only online at There are no strings attached, it’s just our gift to you for being such an important part of the YouTube Partner Program.

From the sound of it, it appears that every YouTube partner is getting one for free. But it could just be the top bunch. 

We'll update this post if anything new comes out of this.

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Nexus One on Google Homepage


Google promoted the Nexus One via its own channels including Adsense and YouTube already, so why not the famous Google homepage visited by hundreds of millions on a daily basis right? They've done it with Chrome, but unlike the Chrome advertisement, you can't just remove it from the page. Definitely a smart move.


Google Nexus One costs $174.15 in parts


So you're paying $529 for an unlocked Nexus One which actually costs HTC about $174 in just parts, note that doesn't cover expenses such as manufacturing, software, packaging, included accessories, etc. This didn't come as a huge surprise being that in most cases companies get more than a 50% margin on the Smartphones they sell. And for a comparison, the Palm Pre carries a $138 material cost, while the 16GB iPhone 3GS costs about $179.


Nexus One Dissected, reveals 802.11n WiFi and FM transmitter

A teardown of the Nexus One done by iFixit reveals that hidden underneath is a Broadcom chip that is capable of 802.11n WiFi + FM transmitter/receiver. You can check out the entire teardown at iFixit.


Vodafone Nexus One coming 'in a few short weeks'


A spokesperson for Vodafone said today that the company is bringing Nexus One on Vodafone within just a few short weeks. Covering France, Germany, and a few other european countries. Pricing details was not revealed.


Giant Nexus One Phone

Buy it now for just '$600,000!' 

Video after the break.

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Flash Player 10.1 on Nexus One (Video)

Adobe's Adrian Ludwig demos Flash Player 10.1 on the Nexus One/Android. Note that the Nexus One does not have Flash Player onboard, it will be available for download via the net when Adobe releases it in the future.