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Nexus One 3G Issue Patch in the next week or so

This morning a Google employee on the forums updated us on the Nexus One 3G Issue by saying that after some investigation, it was really the result of poor T-Mobile 3G coverage... However, they are looking to push out an OTA software update "in the next week or so" that could possibly improve the 3G coverage for some users.

[Google Forum]


Display Technology: Nexus One vs Droid

Though both the Nexus One and the Droid sports a 3.6" display, different display technology supports the two smartphones. The Nexus One has a 3.7" AMOLED screen, where as the Droid uses a TFT LCD. Looking at the video, the Nexus One clearly out outperforms the Droid in terms of usability under sunlight, brightness and color.

 Nexus One AMOLED vs Droid TFT:

  • AMOLED is 1.5x Brighter, preforms better at Sunlight
  • AMOLED has higher contrast ratio
  • AMOLED has a wider viewing angle
  • It has more vidid colors
  • In some cases AMOLED screens provide better battery life

[via IntoMobile]


GDC Attendees gets Free Nexus One or Motorola Droid


Attendee to GDC 2010 who signed up for either the Mobile / Handheld Summit, the iPhone Summit, or the Independent Games Summit before February 4th will be given at the conference their choice of a Motorola Droid or Nexus One. Go to the official GDC Conference page for the full details and terms.


Android's Speech-to-Text: Censors Your Curse Words

One of the more impressive features that first came on the Nexus One then other devices with Android 2.1 is the speech-to-text feature. Anytime you can type on the phone, you have the option to use the speech-to-text feature instead. And shockingly, it's quite accurate in most cases.

However, Reuters today discovered that the much praised feature converts all your curse words into strings of '####'. Why the censorship Google? In Google's defense, a spokesperson responded that the voice recognition technology is still in its early stage and inaccuracy is certain to happen. And that it was done to avoid profanity to appear in the transcription when it was not intended by the user at all.

“We filter potentially offensive or inappropriate results because we want to avoid situations whereby we might misrecognize a spoken query and return profanity when, in fact, the user said something completely innocent,” a spokesperson from Google said.

This could possibly mean that Google may remove the censorship as the technology matures. Only time will tell.

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NexusOneBlog Accessories Store now LIVE!

We are now selling Nexus One Accessories via our NexusOneBlog Store, where you'll find plenty of Nexus One Cases, Battery, Car Mount, Screen Protectors and more! We'll stock up on many more kinds of accessories for your Nexus One once they're available to us. The store currently does not accept Credit Card payment but we're looking to fix it this week.

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Nexus One Dock to cost $45

A reader of Engadget spotted an ad on YouTube promoting the 'New Nexus One Dock'. The ad reveals that the Dock will cost $45 , and the features includes: Charging phone, Plays Photo Slideshow and More. Looking back at the leaked Nexus One pricing, it looks like Google raised the price of the desktop dock by $5. The dock should be available any day now.



Google posts Q4 Earnings

Google's Q4 earnings for 2009 are in folks! Note that the release of the Nexus One landed in Q1 of 2010, therefore did not contribute to the earnings reported here. We'll see how it did in the next earnings report.

Overview (via BusinessInsider):

  • Net revenue: $4.2 billion vs. estimates of $4.18 billion.
  • Non-GAAP EPS $5.10 vs. $4.96 per share.
  • Google sites revenue up 22%
  • Headcount: Company added only 99 employees in the quarter vs. estimates of 500 new employees. Serious cost control going on here
  • Paid Click Growth 18% vs. 17% estimates
  • Total cash pile now $15.85 billion.



Nexus One: Android Hackers enables browser multitouch

The floodgates opened for Android hackers today now that Google started pushing Android 2.1 source code to the AOSP or Android Open Source Project. Just what the modders needed to give the Nexus One software enhancements or a complete custom ROM. 

The Nexus One lacking browser multitouch have been a huge bummer for many users, but luckily the first hack released today for Android 2.1 is a browser multitouch enabler. To install the hack, grab the files from XDA-Developers and read this guide if you have no idea how to install it via ADB. 

The first few Nexus One custom ROMs should arrive in just days. We'll keep you guys posted!

(Video After the break)

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Nexus One Unboxing: Ninja Style

The title says it all.


Nexus One Issues: Temporary Fix for Touchscreen calibration and 3G connectivity


So we think it's safe to say that a good amount of the initial shipment of Nexus Ones have a number of issues. Some are complaining on the Google Support Forums about their phone over heating, having 3G connectivity or the newly reported touchscreen issue. Google say that they are committed to solving the issues, and in the meantime here's a temporary fix for the 3G and touchscreen problem.

3G Connectivity Issue

AndroidCentral posted a great guide on how users should go about forcing the Nexus One to run only on 3G.

Touchscreen Problem

When touchscreen calibration occurs on the phone, a temporary fix would be to do a soft reset (press power, volume down and the trackball simultaneously).

Google is working to fix these issues, but if it can't be solved through a software update, the Nexus One Warranty covers this.

Question of the Day: How's your Nexus One holding up?

[via Google, Engadget]


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