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Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? 


Yesterday we reported that the CDMA Nexus One have passed the approval of the FCC. Today, we may have a probable release date for when the Nexus One hits Verizon. According to sources, the Verizon Nexus One will go on sale on March 23. It is reportedly to be announced at International CTIA wireless show by Verizon. Pricing is unknown at this point but it will be competitively priced according to NeoWin.

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    Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    NexusOneBlog for Nexus One cases, Nexus One accessories, Nexus One news and Nexus One forums
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    Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    Verizon Nexus One hits March 23? - Home - NexusOneBlog
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