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YouTube Star tells you Why you need a Nexus One

If Youtube Partners are indeed getting a Free Nexus One, then NigaHiga, the most subscribed YouTuber must have one.

Today, he did a sponsored post for Google's Nexus One, which in it he tells you why you need a Nexus One in a very humorous way. He then accidentally drops the phone and cracks its screen during filming the video. Funny stuff!

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    YouTube Star tells you Why you need a Nexus One - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    YouTube Star tells you Why you need a Nexus One - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    YouTube Star tells you Why you need a Nexus One - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    Response: futuristic hip hop
    YouTube Star tells you Why you need a Nexus One - Home - NexusOneBlog
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    NexusOneBlog for Nexus One cases, Nexus One accessories, Nexus One news and Nexus One forums
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Hmm, I wonder if Fred got one??

Nexus One

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